Acrylic Bender is a simple but revolutionary method for bending plexiglass

Both presses simplify the process of bending plexiglass, PVC and similar plastics. Quickly, without any effort, you will make ​​various products such as channel letters, Plexiglas stands or racks. Extremely simple and practical product that requires no special skills.

Simple as a playgame

Anyone can work with Acrylic Bender and becomes a specialist. In minutes you will begin to bend plexiglass and all plastics and it will seems you like a playgame. There is no need to use any special instructions , in order to cope with the production of channel letters, advertising displays, plexiglass stands and other plastic products. Presses Acrylic Bender are an excellent choice for a successful start in this industry and the perfect start of your way to convert to a professional.

Great low price

Are you wondering how much does Acrylic Bender cost? We know how complicated is to find a quality product that is really useful and has a reasonable price. So we offer the lowest possible price for purchase of this revolutionary technology. Get the best offer for both presses with only one click of the mouse. No wasting hours in bending Plexiglas to the desired shape. You will work with incredible speed and ease. This will make the purchase of Acryling Bender in your best investment.

incredible speed

Incredible speed

The presses Acrylic Bender make your work favorite occupation that you do with pleasure, thanks to the ease and speed that you achieve in bending. The effect is the same for PMMA, PVC and other types of plastic. Presses Acrylic Bender presuppose simple and intuitive operation, which further accelerates the process of bending and reveals unsuspected opportunities for any potential master. Forget about the old methods for bending plexiglass and trust of Acrylic Bender.

Video: How to use Acrylic Bender?

How to bend plexiglass?

The best way to bend acrylic plastic is to be heated, so that it becomes soft and flexible. In a heated state is easy to bend acrylic sheet to the desired shape. One of the most used appliances are heat guns, embosing heat tools or torches. However, since they require more time to work, we offer a revolutionary new method – presses Acrylic Bender. With these presses you can bend plexiglass quick and easy to wide variety of 3D shapes, without you to require special skills.

How to bend plastic?

Acrylic plastic is extremely versatile material. Due to this property it is widely used for different products in various industries. To bend it into a certain shape it is necessary to heat the plastic so that be susceptible of forming. Using presses Acrylic Bender this process is extremely simple. Just heat the place where will fold and carefully formed by hand. With enviable speed and without much effort you will bend plastic sheet at different angles or in specific curved forms.

How to bend channel letters?

Bending of channel letters Plexiglas can be both hand and machine. There are various tools for hand bending of channel lettersas hot air guns, band heaters or printing presses. Common to all of them is that heat is used for the site where you want to fold the material. Acrylic Bender presses innovate this industry replacing all known devices. They are made perfect channel letters with great speed and ease.

Order Acrylic Bender only for 78 €

Why to choose Acrylic Bender - tool for bending plexiglass?

What are the biggest advantages of presses Acrylic Bender?

Acrylic Bender is different from other products on the market with three main advantages: easy to use, low price and excellent speed of working.

What makes Acrylic Bender better than known tools for bending?

In the daily practice of many professionals are known and used Heat guns, Torches or Embossing heat tools when it is necessary to bend plastic. All these processes consume a lot of time and it is not very easy to handle. With professional Acrylic Bender, that is specially designed for bending of various plastics, these problems disappear. The press has a long lifetime – up to 50,000 hours. You can easily bend to angle of 90 ° or make round lines without any effort. Special protective caps provide you a safe working environment.

Can you bend plexiglass with this presses?

Yes, you can bend plexiglass too. Moreover, without any effort and without professional skills you need. Work with the press is rapidly absorbed and even non-specialists can bend plexiglass, creating products for the home. Using freshly Acrylic Bender is the most effective and easy way for single or serial production of channel letters, advertising displays, plexiglass stands.

What is the maximum thickness of the material that can bend?

The maximum thickness of material that you can bend with Acrylic Bender is 4 mm and width 10 cm.

Can I make plexiglass stands?

Yes! The only limitation is the length of plexiglass sheet that presses may grip. The convenience is that you can make single copies without having to use expensive machines.

Are needed special skills to work with Acrylic Bender?

No! To use fresh Acrylic Bender, it is not necessary to have professional skills. Working with the press is fast and intuitive. In just a few minutes you will learn the technique of bending and gain confidence.

Can I use Acrylic Bender for making channel letters?

Yes! The main purpose of presses Acrylic Bender is fast and easy preparation of channel letters – illuminated and not illuminated signs.

Do you offer training materials to work with the presses?

In the video above is presented step by step how to use presses Acrylic Bender.


Order Acrylic Bender only for 78 €


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